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*In the Club*

SUMMARY: The class president is a cock blocker, and all of us didn't invite him, and then someone appeared miraculously driving everyone insane. Then I, Cho Kyuhyun was the only one who had the chance to touch him.
TYPE: One-Shot/ Drabble
WARNING: Curses, NC-17 from the first to the last part.

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.*.In The Club.*.

Everyone in our class was up for it. a celebration party right after the exams would really be a great idea,
all the stress and hard work will soon be payed off. Everyone was invited except for the class' nerd. Lee Sungmin.
He's the type of guy who would kill all fun you had. The class president and the disciplinary representative and
to top all that he gets on everyone's last nerve. He would shout then scold then report. I mean where's the fun in
having everything controlled for you.

"Kyu~ hurry up!" I heard Lee Donghae called out to me, since tonight is the night of the party he's been bugging me to get out of the classroom as soon as I can since Lee Sungmin would be the one who'll be left behind, afraid of getting caught by the evil guy I tried to hasten. "Go ahead, I'll just finish filing this..." I said shooing Donghae who obliged without second thought.

"So there's an after class party?" I heard someone spoke, and crap I'm busted. Lee Sungmin walked inside the room holding stacks of papers.

"Ah- I mean..." I stammered. But he just sighed. "Don't stress yourself Cho Kyuhyun, I'm not invited I know." he said in his cool composure.

I felt a little bit sorry for him, He said so but I don't think he's unaffected at all.

"Go ahead i don't want you to be late and I won't tell." he said to me then flashed a small rare smile.
Oh shit did he just smile or grin

Not knowing what to say, I smiled awkwardly in return and said "thanks" before running out of the classroom.

The party started, everyone on our class was getting wasted by the minute alcohols were everywhere. There were dancing and flirting, yet I'm the only one who's still in his right mind. I was drinking my third bottle at that time, and the night wasn't young anymore, I could feel a slight haziness from the alcohol and I sat at the counter when I saw something really beautiful.

His blonde hair flow oh so sexy on his face, his skin which illuminates in the dance floor, his leather tight pants accentuating his oh so gorgeous thighs and his black wifebeater topped by a leather brown vest was so stunning.
And he's a guy.

Everyone looked at him, boys and girls, and everyone was looking at him as hungry as i am. I mean, Who would not drool over those figure. A guy with those curves and that beautiful face would easily eat out your sanity. He walked nearer and I was stunned when he sat next to me. He ordered the same drinks I had and he looked at me with a dreamy eyes. "Cho Kyuhyun right?" he asked his lips curving by the contact of alcohol on his mouth.

I unconsciously licked my lower lip and he chuckled. "I guess you don't recognize me as well." he smiled taking another sip of that lucky bottle of alcohol.

"I should've recognize you the moment I saw you if I knew you..."I said, the alcohol burning through my body that the heat is becoming unbearable.

He chuckled musically, "I see..." he mouthed then take the fucking bottle sexily against his lips.

"Let's go?" he asked me after he finished his bottle. i can feel that he can't tolerate too much alcohol since I can see his eyes turned foxy the moment he finished his bottle. He took my hand and my pulse went frantically pumping. "Are you planning to go somewhere with me?" I asked praying so hard that he would say yes.
He laugh then pulled me once again, Oh god! his chuckle turns me on.

We walked right out the bar into the parking lot ignoring the cursing stares of my classmates, anyway they're too drunk to even remember that me, 'Cho Kyuhyun' hang out with 'the' most amazing guy in the club. The parking lot was dark enough, this time I pulled him to where my car is parked slammed him against the passenger's seat door, leaned on him and then the heat started.

My lips devour his without second thought, kissing him sloppily our tongues fighting for dominance, kissing his lips was nothing compared to just looking at it, my hands travel right under his thin, provoking clothes, giving a sensual squeeze every now and then and when his mouth gave in a small whimper of pleasure I won the dominance.
Gasping for breath we both parted. His chest obviously pounding due to the lack of oxygen. He cupped my cheeks and smiled.

I felt my heart thumped. I'm also wondering why did it did that kind of thing to a guy I just met. He placed another peck on my lips that I received chasing for more when he parted.

"I actually don't do this to someone I don't seriously like." he whispered. I placed my lips on his neck trailing butterfly kisses in every inch of skin I encountered.

"Then you - must have- known me..." I said in between kisses not paying attention to anything else.
a low giggle escaped his lips. "Maybe?" he said. "We better continue this somewhere else." he suggested.

Though I hate to cut off, my now aroused state, we entered my car and I drove towards our dorms.
Maybe he's not willing to wait either so we started again this time, he's sitting in front of me while I was still behind the steering wheel. Thank god, my car is tinted and it's especially dark.

He kissed me, grinding his hips on the process, my erection was going frantic about the situation, especially when he removed his shirt to reveal his creamy soft skin.

Trying to taste everything from his shoulder to his chest, his hands travel on my throbbing member and he massaged it. As much as I wanted to compose my moans, I actually shouted.

"Ah~ fuck!"

I embarrassingly growled. Due to my uneasiness because this small framed -oh so sexy- guy on top of me is driving me nuts. I squeezed his butt that made him threw his head back and made him grind more, hungry for contact.

He threw my shirt in almost an instant, opening my zipper the next second and licking his lips when he saw my proud stuff. I lowered his pants together with his underwear, kissing sloppily again in an attempt to muffle our moans but it's no use.

"Oh~" he gasped as soon as I thrust forward meeting his opening.
"Shit~ raise your butt a little, then ~ fuck!"
I wasn't able to finish the command as he begun moving up and down.

The growling / moaning / whimpering mess we're in seemed like all hell broke loose.

"Harder!" he growled and I obliged meeting his thrust and synchronizing the stroking of his erected stuff between us.

"Ah~ Oh god Kyu~ I'm coming..." he whimpered sexily and I trusted harder. He came, his full load staining my hands and my abdomen as I trusted one last time to release mine.

He slumped to even out his breathing on my shoulders. Kissing my collar bone in the process, he whispered, humming beautifully in my ears.

"That was great... Cho kyuhyun."

My name spoken as sweet as that started my heart, feeling like I did a 360 degrees flip. Okay I admit. I like him.
I kissed his hair then after that. I didn't remember anything.

The morning shone to the windshield of my car. The windows are slightly opened letting the fresh morning air enter the car. My body ached like hell, my hips were surely swollen, but the person I was with last night must be aching since we didn't use any lube.

I looked around. I was in my clothes just like nothing happened and the person I was with last night did a great job in arranging the car to look as if I just slept in.

But to my dismay. He's not around anymore.

A mixture of disappointment and at the same time anger came to me. I mean who would left someone right after having sex in a car, in a parking lot and not say his name.

Well, it's a little bit of my fault, I didn't ask his.

"I actually don't do this to someone I don't seriously like." I remembered what he said and I feel lighter, so he really like me?

Well I like him too especially his innocent smile. I rummage on my car sighing because I was determine to ask who that guy was when suddenly something fell on my feet.

It was a small booklet.

He left it here?

I looked at it and pry open.
I read it and my heart gave a frantic jolt.

Student ID:
Lee Sungmin


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