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Dead Romance

SUMMARY: Even if the flesh rots, the feelings are still true...
GENRE: Supernatural / Romance
TYPE:  Drabble/ One-shot
DISCLAIMER: With the mighty help of shichi04

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Lonely and alone, I visited my parent’s grave. It was Halloween’s and every family who lost their loved ones is here, celebrating the night with them. I don’t think of it as pathetic but I don’t particularly practice that kind of method. I was just there to talk to my parents make them know I remember them, when I saw him.

“Hi!” he greeted me with that cheerful smile of his, his blonde hair being whipped by the air. He was sitting on the grass to the grave next to mine.

“Uhm… Hello?” I awkwardly greeted back.

“I was having problems…” he started pouting his perfect lips. “Can you help me?”

I looked around hesitantly. “Me?” I asked again.

“Who else?” he chuckled smiling widely at me. “It’s still early so can I ask for a favor please…”

Still uncomfortable by this beautiful guy in front of me, I looked away. Pondering on the guy’s puppy pleading eyes and wondering why he would ask me.

But on the other hand I was getting curious. “So what do you want as a favor?” I eyed him.

He clapped his hands rejoicing. “You’ll help me? It’s simple~ go out with me… just for today.”

“What?!” I shouted and feeling a little bit embarrassed because now, all the people in the nearby graves are looking at me. Lowering my voice I cleared my throat. “Isn’t that a little bit too much?”

“It’s just for a day, It won’t hurt you.” He pouted and I lost. I mean, for some reason I can’t refuse this man.

I’m totally falling for this stranger’s convincing power.

“Okay, where do you want to go.” I sighed in defeat and once again he smiled widely.

“The amusement park.” he said. “By the way I’m Lee Sungmin.”

I groaned inwardly. “Yeah~ I’m Cho Kyuhyun.”


“Aren’t this a little bit weird.” Kyuhyun asked side eyeing the man who forced wrapped his arms around him.

“Nope~ It’s cute.” He chuckled, his other hand, licking up the ice cream he brought.

Not only did he take this unknown man to the amusement park, he also pay for his lunch and treats. Not only is this man abusing him by taking him anywhere he liked but he’s also paying all of this Lee Sungmin guy’s expenses. It was absolutely absurd for him to go with a total stranger anywhere but this guy seemed to  want this date so badly.


Okay he’s totally crazy.

“Uhmm… Kyu~ I want to go to movies next…” Sungmin asked still not letting go of Kyuhyun’s arm.

“Movies? Are you still not tired yet?”Kyuhyun asked. “Oh~ and since when did I allow you to call me Kyu?”

Sungmin, merely giggled at Kyuhyun’s flustered reaction about him calling Kyuhyun by his nickname.

“But it’s so cute~ Kyuhyunnie~” Sungmin repeated pulling Kyuhyun closer to him and to Kyuhyun’s surprise, the man embraced him.

“Ah~ what’s wrong?” Kyuhyun asked as Sungmin buried his face in his chest.

“Nothing…You just felt warm… I like it.” Sungmin replied still tightening his grip.

Unable to say anything Kyuhyun just wrapped his arms to embrace Sungmin back and felt a weird sensation he never felt before. 

He was utterly surprised that he pushed Sungmin away.

“Sorry~ I-I think if you want to catch up a movie, we should go now.” Kyuhyun said hiding the creeping blush on his cheeks. Sungmin frowned at  Kyuhyun’s reaction but followed him as soon as he walked away.


“Why do you choose scary movies if you’re so scared…” Kyuhyun laughed at Sungmin hiding his face with the palm of his hands.

“I’m not scared okay… I just don’t like bloody gore stuffs.”Sungmin muttered under his breath as he continued flinching at the scene.

  “Okay okay… if you say so~ scaredy cat!” Kyuhyun teased. Sungmin glared at him and then removed his hands. “Okay, I’m going to watch it.”

It took only 15 minutes of the movie with Sungmin not covering his face before Kyuhyun noticed that the man with him is already crying. “What the hell Sungmin! Why are you crying?!” he asked half laughing half worried.

“I really hate it…” Sungmin cried beads of tears running to his beautiful eyes. Kyuhyun, feeling guilty all of a sudden pulled Sungmin closer letting the man rest in his chest. “Shhh~ don’t cry okay, I’m sorry for teasing you~” Kyuhyun patted Sungmin’s back as he wiped the man’s tears.

Sungmin smiled. “Thank you Cho Kyuhyun~” he said startling Kyuhyun.

“For what?” Kyuhyun asked. 

"For everything." Sungmin smiled in reply as he wrapped his fingers around Kyuhyun's.

Kyuhyun was perplexed that he wanted to pulled his hands away yet, he couldn't bring himself to do so. 

After that theyw ere quiet for the rest of the movie, Sungmin, as usual hid on the gory scenes using Kyuhyun's chest while Kyuhyun stiffly finished the whole film, his thoughts rambling about the man close to him.

"So where do you want to go next?" Kyuhyun asked after they went out of the movies still holding each other's hands.

"Hmm, let's go back, there was a play ground near the cemetery, you can drop me off there." Sungmin smiled heartily that Kyuhyun can't help but feel disappointed that their day together is finally coming to an end.

Kyuhyun opened the door of his car to let Sungmin in. Sungmin pouted but eventually let go of Kyuhyun's hand. Kyuhyun sighed to the heavy beating of his heart and walked towards the driver's side.

"Why the cemetery? Do you live near there?" Kyuhyun asked Sungmin while they were driving off. the sun's already setting. "Hmm, Yeah I live near there." Sungmin replied with his chime-like voice. 

"Why did you choose to spend the day with me?" Kyuhyun asked in the spur of moment that even him didn't really know why he'd ask such thing. Sungmin looked at him. "It's because I like you-" Sungmin said without hesitation. 

Swallowing a lump on his throat Kyuhyun asked once again. "Why did you like me?" Sungmin laughed in response reaching out to touch Kyuhyun's hand on the steering wheel. "it's my secret..." he said.

They reached the play ground and it's already getting dark. The cold autumn wind blew hard against Kyuhyun as soon as he led Sungmin out of the car. He took off his jacket and placed it around Sungmin.

"Huh? It's okay I don't need this." Sungmin said trying to return the jacket but Kyuhyun refused. "No keep it, it's cold, you might have a flu if you don't cover yourself up a bit." Sungmin stared at him lovingly. "Thank you very much Kyuhyun, you can go ahead~ I'll just walk from here."

Kyuhyun, trying hard not to crack his voice while asking cleared his throat and said. "Are we going to meet again?" Sungmin looked up at him surprised that turned to a lonely smile. "It was fun Kyu~ I really thank you for spending the day with me, but~"

"I want to see you again Sungmin~" Kyuhyun confessed and Sungmin looked away. "Don't you want to see me again Min?" Kyuhyun added and by that Sungmin snapped and run towards Kyuhyun cupping his cheeks, placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

"I want to see you too but there are things that I'm not sure of~ Please~ Dont' wait for me..." Sungmin cried leaning in for another kiss before running leaving Kyuhyun.


2 weeks later and I can't still get him off my mind. Making myself believe that what we had is just a day, a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet someone yet that someone leave as fast as he came.

I drove off towards the cemetery play ground again, hoping I'd see him. I'd stay for almost a whole day but I was unlucky. The next day I returned and waited again, then the day after that and the day after that... but no one came.

The last day I was waiting an old woman came to me, asking me why I was there the whole time. I answered her. I said I was looking for a young man, with blonde hair, honey-brown eyes, looks like an angel and was so beautiful. A guy named Lee Sungmin.

She looked at me, downcast-ed and took me to a small marble house, it was old, unattended yet the elegant white features gives off class. and gives off heart break. The old faded photograph of Lee Sungmin, says everything and the jacket I put around him nights ago are lying on top of his tomb.

"He's been dead for almost 30 years now..." the old woman started explaining with me still in the middle of denying things. "He's the only son of the owner of this cemetery, he died waiting for someone that never came."

Disbelief and fear enveloped me the moment I accepted the reality but, there's one thing that will never leave my heart~

Even if the flesh rots... the feelings are still real.


1 Year Later

Lonely and alone, I visited my parent’s grave. It was Halloween’s and every family who lost their loved ones is here, celebrating the night with them. I don’t think of it as pathetic but I don’t particularly practice that kind of method. I was just there to talk to my parents make them know I remember them...

and just in case he permits, I wanted to see him again.

“Hi!” he greeted me with that cheerful smile of his, his blonde hair being whipped by the air. He was sitting on the grass to the grave next to mine.

I laughed inwardly and answered. "Hello..."

"Hey, can you do me a small favor?" he asked his pleading eyes looking up at me. 

"Yep what is it this time?" I asked looking at him who stood up and put his arms around me.

"Go out with me~ just for today..."


A/N: I know I'm a drama whore >///< still I hope you fell in love with KyuMin again... Happy Halloween Everyone!

Tags: #chr.kyuhyun, #chr.sungmin, *.type:one-shot, ^.pair:kyumin, super junior, ~.closetlists
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