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Me + You, Multiplied by Love, Divided by Craziness (24)

Summary: Sungmin just entered a prestige dorm school, not knowing how and why did he entered it but his parents seemed to happy for him to refuse the offer. Apparently on his first day, he was assigned to be seated on a spot wherein his seatmates are nowhere to be found until they arrived and someone nick named "Prince" of the school told him that he's 'Plain' For some reason he hated the guy right there and then. But things turned out unplanned when the particular guy he hated is the same guy he lives with."What if the common denominator between you and the person you hate is Love?"
Genre: Smut, Romance,

Pairing: Kyumin, Yewook, Eunhae

(V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)

Ch.24: The Regret


I'm not kidnapped but I feel like I am.

I agreed to meet up with Kyuhyun's father, I may be stupid to do this without Kyuhyun since we promise that we'll face them together but I can't take it anymore. Kyuhyun, My Kyuhyun is suffering. 

The 3 men who took me are all body guards, and we drove for almost 2 hours away from the city until all there is to see are tall trees in the side of the road. I'm feeling sleepy already when we reached a huge gate the body gurad said something on the monitor at the side of the gate and it automatically opened revealing a furninshed pathway towards a hill. We drove again for 3 minutes and finally we reached a huge white mansion with a very well kept garden on it's porch. 

"Were here." the driver said and my door opened almost automatically. I gathered up my courage, took a deep breath and step out to the car. 

The interior of the house is just as expected for a rich family everything is in place, every inch of it is meticulously flurished. It seems nice and extravagant but I didn't feel any sense of welcoming in it. If Kyuhyun have lived there for almost 18 years of his life no wonder he'd turn up like he was on the first time I met him. Cold. 

I was lead to a huge flight of stairs towards a big door. When it opened Kyuhyun's father was sitting fiddling on some paper works as I was almosty pushed to come in. Kyuhyun's father looked at me once then get back to his paper works as if he didn't recognize me. 

"Sit down," he said 2 minutes later and I moved cautiously to the seat he gestured in. He filed the papers neatly on one side and removed his reading glasses. He looked at me and I felt my heart squirming to get out of this place right this moment. 

Kyuhyun's dad sighed and said. "So, let's talk about how you will ruin my sons life."


Kyuhyun reached home dead tired he wasn't able to go to school since he got off to work early in the morning and returned at lunch time. He's having a hard time but he love Sungmin just as much.

He heard the door clicked and his dormmates came in talking seriously. He was too tired to greet them but he looked up almost instantly because he wanted to see Sungmin so badly, everyone came in but there is no sign of Sungmin. 

"Yah. Eunhyukkie... where's Sungmin?" Eunhyuk looked at Kyuhyun's question and all of them stopped, looked at Eunhyuk who seemed pissed off by the question that he didn't want to answer right away. 

Ryeowook, though a bit hesitant answered. "He's been gone since this morning, he rode on some black car and he's not back  until now." Eunhyuk stared at Kyuhyun then said. "I think we both know where he would go..."

Kyuhyun realizing the situation rose up from his slumped seating position hurriedly took his jacket and went out of the door.  


Sungmin's holding back his tears pretty well, since he can't be this weak.

"You influenced my son in this gay things and brainwashed him right... I know people like you are like worms, crawling up and feasting onto something and makes it rotten... and with my watch you're not doing that to my son. How much do you need 10million? or 20 million? I think that should be enough... just leave that school and my son alone."

Sungmin almost choke on his pride and his urge to shout at Kyuhyun's dad. He looked up. "I don't need your money sir,  I'm here because you're stepping on your sons life. Even if you're his father, It's not right to-"

"Don't you lecture me about my son, I'm just teaching him a lesson, he's nothing without me, I bet he's already blaming you now that he doesn't have any money..."

"On the contrary sir, your son is doing the best he can in compensating for the loss of his money... he's working." Sungmin said through gritted teeth.

"ha! Pathetic!" Kyuhyun's dad cursed. "You made him this way... talking about  love when you can't even sustain and stand on your own two feet... Kyuhyun has great future and he doesn't need trashes like you-"


"That's enough."

Almost like an explosion the study room's door opened abruptly like it's been kicked since the white door have dents. Sungmin turned around and his heart aches are almost all healed up when he see Kyuhyun's face. Raging like a wild animal, his matted hair due to the rain made him looked like a beggar but he's still as beautiful. Sungmin's heart almost made a leap. He never wanted to let Kyuthyun know how much pain his dad had caused him but when Kyuhyun's eyes landed on his, everything was blurred by his tears.

"Why do you look like that?!" Kyuhyun's dad shouted at his son but Kyuhyun never looked at him he went straight to Sungmin, cupped his face with the palm of his hands then looked at him intently.

"Why'd you come here without me, silly Min..." Kyuhyun started. "You got me all worried... are you okay?" Sungmin tried to wipe his tears but Kyuhyun beat him to it. "I'm fine Kyu... you're here already..." Sungmin replied shakily and Kyuhyun pulled him in a tight embrace, kissed his cheeks and sighed. "Don't get me worried like that huh?" Kyuhyun said. 

Without saying anything to his father he pulled Sungmin and was about to walk out the door when...

"This is CRAZY! You- You stop right there or I'll disown you!" Kyuhyun's father shouted.

Kyuhyun stopped and Sungmin did also. Slowly he faced his father.

"Go on ahead! I don't really care! Insulting Sungmin like that is unforgivable anyway... you're the one whose so cooped up with the company staying under the Cho's command... if you're gone then who will took over after you disown me?"

Sungmin had never seen Kyuhyun like this before. He looked really cold and someone who does not care whatever his father said now. Seeing him like this makes his heart race but still feel sad. Kyuhyun's soft hand are now rough, he doesn't need to go through this... if it weren't for him.

Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin leaving his father speechless and leaving the mansion, this time, for good.

to be continued

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