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LUCK STEALER (prologue)

Life and Death

Hunter and Prey

Victim and Criminal

Lover and Killer

This world we live in are tainted by blood.

"this just came.in, a notorious robber and murderer are.currently roaming in.the streets of gangnam district. The local government advises every citizen to be on guard and if possible stay at their respective residences. This man is considered armed and dangerous..."


This wretched assassin can't kill me now, not in this crowded area, he'll be reprimanded himself... I won this time you fucker...

I never really cared who dies and who lives, i dont even care if im stained by blood...


Psssh damn those government people as if they could put an end to me... Where is the person every thugs is afraid of?? This 'Devlon' guy the one they said who'll brings death with him is no match for me -

They dont even know the real meaning of death itself...

I pity them. because for me to finish the task at hand I need not any kinds of weapon...

I only needed my hands.

I was assigned to kill.
Kill the trashes of the community.
Kill the uncontrolled criminals.

"I'm hiring you..."

I was employed by the government. I'm no one's property.

"I'm a murderer..."

His soft look, his beautiful face, his everything... how can a killer be as beautiful as an angel.

"Say my name... I want it to come out from your lips..."

"Kyuhyun... Cho Kyuhyun..."

His angelic voice, his low hum, his whispers, his alluring charm, his everything...

When did I become so greedy?
That I wasn't concerned about the dead bodies that piled up beneath him...
as long as he gave his everything to me.

Only Me..

Sungmin smiled and the alluring smile sends shiver down to Kyuhyun's body. With a fluid movement from Sungmin's arms a passing waiter who carried glass bottles tumbled down, dead. Sungmin, carrying a now broken wineglass slit the throat of the man who insulted him.

Sungmin, with another fluid movement slit another body guard's throat, then another, then another.

Kyuhyun was dumbfounded. unable to move. He's scared yet the killer was moving as if he was enjoying it. The killing.

"you see... the man who killed brutally but still remained like a beautiful angel... an innocent child who didn't know what's right or wrong...the perfect assassin."

Kyuhyun was captivated, he can feel his heart race and at the same time felt that Sungmin really wanted to kill, but he remembered. How gentle Sungmin is, how caring, how he treated everyone around him with gratitude. If he knew better, after all this, above the pile of bodies he killed, this murderer will cry, alone, he will cry.

"Protect them from me..."

Removing the gloves from his left hand Kyuhyun dodge Sungmin's attack and rounded to wrap his arm to Sungmin's waist and his left hand on Sungmin's throat hugging the back of Lee Sungmin against his chest.

Sungmin dropped the wine glass as the arrythmic beating of his heart commence once again choking him.  Kyuhyun took the oppurtunity to whisper into Sungmin's ears.

"Let's go home, Min~"


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Apr. 5th, 2013 07:30 pm (UTC)
Whoa! Our angel is an assassin??

Interesting!! *grin*
Apr. 6th, 2013 11:56 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading this, I hope you'll enjoy the story ^^ this is a very very challenging fic for me.
Apr. 7th, 2013 02:15 pm (UTC)
I'm sure I will like the story ^^

I haven't got the time to read the first chapter and so on but you got me on the prologue ;p Tonight I'll read everything. That's a promise ^^

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