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Me + you, Multiplied by Love, Divided by Craziness (FINAL)

Summary: Sungmin just entered a prestige dorm school, not knowing how and why did he entered it but his parents seemed to happy for him to refuse the offer. Apparently on his first day, he was assigned to be seated on a spot wherein his seatmates are nowhere to be found until they arrived and someone nick named "Prince" of the school told him that he's 'Plain' For some reason he hated the guy right there and then. But things turned out unplanned when the particular guy he hated is the same guy he lives with."What if the common denominator between you and the person you hate is Love?"
Genre: Smut, Romance,
Pairing: Kyumin, Yewook, Eunhae

FINAL: The End


It took me 2 days without sleep to finally decide. 

"You're surprised that you didn't know... well I can't blame you." Victoria said letting herself sat at the chair across him.

"Wh-What, that's not even possible~" my voice broke. I just can't believe it. Maybe it's some excuse for me to accept him.

"how is it not possible when he was riding the same car you drove out of your house..." she sighed. "He said never to tell you this, he didn't really want to show up but I guess that's the least I could do for him. I forced him to return just so you know..."

Victoria looked out the window. "He left because he thinks that it's better for you to hate him than to blame yourself for making him blind. Your mother and father knew about this too..."

"What did you say?!" I was utterly surprised. 

"Don't blame them, Sungmin asked them not to tell you. He was really amazing carrying everything for you and here you are hating him..." Victoria said. She looked at Kyuhyun then smiled. "i met him in Japan a year after the accident at first I didn't care at all but seeing him suffer at university like that~"

"He suffered?" I blurted out. 

"Yep. he's blind, studying majors in music, he was gifted though but he suffered, he was alone in Japan, working as part time in bars and stuff. Crying out of his blind eye when I told him stories about your success at an early age. He said he really wanted to see you... but he will never be able to. We seek for remedy but it's irreversible. Imagine, loosing your vision, being alone, and being hated and eventually loosing the one you love."

I wasn't able to comprehend everything in one go. Learning everything and looking back at the hurtful things I said. I felt like a huge idiot.


The sound of my phone ringing broke the silence on my empty apartment room. 

I have no intention of picking it up but it has been ringing for the tenth time now.

"Hello?" I asked annoyingly picking up the phone.

"Finally you pick up!" hyukjae's voice echoed. "So you figure it out already, Victoria told us."

"Yeah~" I answered apathetically.

"Then what are you still doing?" he asked.

"What am I supposed to do now?!" i asked him back.

"God! Kyu~ stomp on your damn pride for once!" Hyukjae shouted. "We both know how much you love him why can't it be simple and just say sorry?"

I didn't answered. He made it sound so simple since he's not the one who shouted nonsense facts on the person you love.

And the fact that I didn't know if I could forgive myself in hurting him before hearing out an explanation would be enough, I don't want to go to him half-hearted, the pain might go back. It's been too long and I don't know If he also loves me to the point of forgiving me after those words I said to him. 

"Dont' be stupid Kyu~ he's leaving..."

"What did you say?" I bolted upright.

"He's going back to Japan, he said that he never expected forgiveness from you, so he's just setting another flight back to Japan as soon as possible."







What the hell would I do now?



"Yeah what's the matter Kyu?"

"C-can I have Sungmin's address, I mean the hotel he's staying at right now..."

"What the hell am I really doing!"

Kyuhyun cursed under his breath as he sped on to the highway. Apparently after hearing what Hyukjae said, without planning anything, he rode his car and drove off. 

He didn't exactly know how to apologize or how to face Sungmin right now but something tells him that if he don't go now, he won't have any other chance and that instinct fueled him up. He even asked Victoria who at first didn't want to give Sungmin's hotel address to him, but he managed to get it though, and since he was doing this kind of thing he begged Victoria, to meet him there.

How flail can he be? His pride right now was reduced to ashes, but oddly, it seems like it doesn't matter. 

Kyuhyun's still hurting. Not because Sungmin left, but because he didn't told him about his condition.

"He did it so you won't blame yourself"

Knowing that fact, what if  he knew from the start that Sungmin's been blind because of the accident. He really would have blamed himself and probably will leave, he would've suffered the suffering his lover had gone through, but Sungmin, he'd rather take all the blame than let me Kyuhyun go like that.

He's crazy.

They both are.





Kyuhyun reached the hotel, parked his car and meet Victoria at the lobby.

"He's in room 420, shall we go?" she asked him, and Kyuhyun nod.

The walk towards Sungmin's room was quiet, until they reached the floor where Sungmin's room is located.

"Kyu~ are you ready?" Victoria asked worried about Kyuhyun's pale expression. "you don't look well..."

Kyuhyun raised his head then sighed. "Did you tell him I was coming?" he asked.

"No, I figured you want to do the introductions yourself." Victoria smiled.

Kyuhyun frowned at her. There is no way he could do that.

Victoria knocked on the door three times. 

"Sungjin please open the door." Sungmin's voice shook Kyuhyun. Sungjin was answering the door, he probably knew what he did to his brother.

"I told Sungjin, everything and he agreed Kyu~ don't panic." Victoria said and the door opened.

Sungjin's face peered out the door, though he is serious, he doesn't seem angry, and that reduce the nervousness that Kyuhyun felt.

He opened the door wider and let them pass. Victoria gave him a small hug and Kyuhyun can only gave him an apologetic look. 

"Who is it Sungjin?" Sungmin's voice echoed again.

"It's Victoria, hyung..." Sungjin answered.

"Oh tell her come in. I'll have her help me in packing!" Sungmin laughed.

He's really going. Kyuhyun's mind is panicking now, so Hyukjae was right. He's leaving again.

"Don't be like that you know I hate you leaving!" Victoria shouted in reply.

"I'll leave it to you Kyu~" Victoria smiled hugged him and left followed by Sungjin who tapped him on his shoulders.




Kyuhyun walked, almost dragging his feet towards the next room where he found Sungmin folding clothes. He was touching things so that he will recognize it while staring into space. 

The realization that Sungmin didn't even noticed him came into the room broke his heart. Controlling himself, not to break down he continued watching.

"Victoria, is Kyuhyun okay, I heard from Donghae that he's not going into the office again?" he asked half-smiling. "I really hoped he'll be fine, the company he worked so hard for is now really successful, I bet his father is really proud."

"I wish I could talk to him before I leave but I'm sure I'm going to make him upset again, it's a good thing he didn't noticed that I'm blind, that would be awful..." Sungmin joked and then choke on his own tears.

Kyuhyun, at the same time holding the bridge of his nose  controlling his tears.

Then Sungmin dropped his bag and his things clattered on the floor. He immediately grabbed it, feel on the floor and put it inside the bag. One of his things rolled to Kyuhyun's feet and Sungmin kept feeling the floor, Kyuhyun picked it up and hand it over to Sungmin.

The moment he touched Sungmin's hand, Sungmin flinched for Kyuhyun grabbed him and pulled into an embrace.

They're both in a state of shock broken only by Sungmin who spoke first. "kyuhyun?"

He wondered why would Sungmin recognize him just by hugging him but he replied. "Why didn't you tell me?" 

Sungmin pushed him softly away. "what are you doing here? How did you know?"

Kyuhyun taking hold of him still firmly said. "it doesn't matter now, why didn't you tell me that the accident I caused took away your vision, do you plan on taking the pain of it alone?"

Sungmin's sobbed and started crying. "I'm sorry Kyu~ I really didn't mean to leave, I was stupid not to trust you back then but If I stayed you will blame yourself for everything that happened... and I-I can't let you do that to yourself... I'm sorry."

Kyuhyun felt thankful for the slightest that Sungmin can't see him. He was in his pathetic state right now, the state he is in when Sungmin left.

"Why did you come to see me? I'll just bring back the pain that I've caused you~ why did you have to come..." Sungmin asked his fist landing helplessly on Kyuhyun's chest.

"Because I was wrong~" Kyuhyun replied holding on to Sungmin's hands. "I can't do anything to take back what I've said and I'm not sure If everything will be the same as before, with me loving you again but for now, please, don't go anywhere else, don't leave me again..."

With that statement Kyuhyun hugged Sungmin again. It's true that he didn't know what will happen, if he'll fall in love with him again or if letting him stay will be the best but right now all he needed was to be sure that Sungmin won't go anywhere else.









The scent of the newly moaned grass filled Kyuhyun's nostrils as he set foot to a vast field. 

It's been a while since the last time he got there and yet he can't bring himself to cry. He finally accepted him though, what he previously did to him still dreqw its remnants up to the present. The scars he left them was not hurting as if it was yesterday but still, it won't leave them forever.

Though he finally forgave him he could never forget.

Walking closer to a white patch near a huge cherryblossom tree, the tomb was simple even if they have a lot of money.

His mother told him that he regretted everything the moment he saw Kyuhyun suffered yet, just like him, he can't bring himself to say he's sorry.

Being blamed and hated by his only son, was the right punishment.

Kyuhyun's dad died for almost five years now and yet...

"Hi Dad." Kyuhyun greeted. "It's been a while hasn't it?"

The rushing of tree leaves against the wind seemed to be his response. He felt sad yet at the same time he felt as though it's calm.

"Mom said to say 'Hi' to you when I visit you but, you know me very well..." Kyuhyun smiled placing the basket flowers he brought.

"You know, I do forgive you... even before you ask me to, but I'm sorry If I've been too hard on you..." Kyuhyun sat down against the cold marble surface of his father's tomb looking up the clear sky. "I've made the company you loved so much grow, I think I only dissapointed you on one thing, I can't give you grandchildren..."

"Don't worry... there are capable young hands who'll take care of it now. If you're asking about him... well he was never angry at you."

Kyuhyun rested his head a little and after a few minutes of complete silence, he stood up. "I'm going then, sorry I couldn't stay for long..."

Walking slowly away from the tomb, it's as if the feeling that was burdening Kyuhyun has lifted. Indeed... time heals wounds. Though they may be scars.... but it will never hurt like when it was new.

Silently he thanked his father for whatever he did, it includes the ones who brought so much pain to him and the person he love. Because if it weren't for his dad...

He wouldn't have known.


Kyuhyun entered his apartment. It's past 11pm now and he's very late. 

Work in the office are a lot harder now that there were tons of investors and business proposal. His apartment was completely dark right now and he just smiled to himself. Of course why would it be lighter?

He removed his shoes and opened the lights. It was neat and tidy as usual, but it's warmer than he thought.

He walked towards the kitchen and he smiled more widely, the food was laid nicely above the table covered by plastic film to preserve it. He was hungry but decided that he should change first.

Walking towards his room he heard a faint, relaxing strum on his ears. He walked through the opposite room from his and opened it, it was dark so he opened the lights and found Sungmin singing to a tune as he strum his guitar strings flawlessly.

The melody was still caressing his ears, touching him ever so careful. Hearing his music was enough, so that he doesn't have to go wander anywhere else.

"I told you not to cook..." Kyuhyun whispered as he leaned on Sungmin's back which startles the latter.  

"Oh, you're here?" he said laying down the guitar on his hands to the floor.

Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Sungmin's waist when he stood up. "I told you no cooking~ you might be hurt." Kyuhyun said kissing Sungmin's hands. 

"I've been unable to see for 20 years and you're worried about that?" Sungmin laughed. "We're getting old Kyu~ don't you want a son or some offspring just so you'll be settled with the company?"

This talk about having someone to sleep with just to have an offspring sometimes pissed Kyuhyun. He knows that Sungmin wanted it for the best but that also mean that he's almost cheating on Sungmin.

"Min~" he sighed embracing Sungmin in the process. "Victoria has a daughter and a son now, and she's one of the company's biggest stock holder, I'm thinking of passing it to her children, since their really like mine, and her son really wants to replace me." Kyuhyun chuckled. "And Donghae's and Eunhyuk's adopted child would be good for public relations, as well as Yesung's and Ryeowook's daughter. We have friends Min~ and they're children would make the company healthy even without us..."

Sungmin laughed. "Why are you acting like this? You know a child will be good too, and we both know I can't give you one."

Kyuhyun sighed once more. Burried his face on Sungmin's neck kissed it gently and then tightened his hold on Sungmin. "It's not that I don't want one, It's because, on the remaining days of my life I just want you and only you. I spent 7 years away from you, I don't want another moment to pass without you."

Sungmin smiled then turned so he can face Kyuhyun. His hands traveled on his lover's face which is now forming fine wrinkles. Indeed, they are not going to be young again and he's really thankful that Kyuhyun eventually fall in love with him again. They spent almost a year to come back as they were without the awkwardness and the pain. However, his vision didn't restore and Kyuhyun's face was almost fading to his memories.

Yet with him touching Kyuhyun's face every now and then he can draw another face in his mind.

"So are you planning to spend forever with me?" Sungmin asked holding back his tearing eyes.

Kyuhyun leaned in to kiss his lips, who never failed to make him feel as if he's kissing heaven. He parted and whispered.

"Since were like this... isn't it already obvious?"


-A/N: Thank you readers for reading the very first SJ fic I made ^^ I had so many struggles in doing this and it's done! I know the plot's a bit cliche but I still hoping that you loved it.
-I'm providing you the first peek on my newest chaptered fic: Luck Stealer
Tags: #chr.donghae, #chr.eunhyuk, #chr.kyuhyun, #chr.ryeowook, #chr.sungmin, #chr.yesung, *.type:chaptered, ^.pair:eunhae, ^.pair:kyumin, ^.pair:yewook, super junior
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