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One-Shot/ Drabble: When Kyuhyun Got Caught

Summary: Lee Sungmin, just came in from a busy schedule expecting Kyuhyun to be immersed in playing his usual games, when he opened their shared room's door and found him looking up at him like a deer in the headlights.
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Drabble, (mentioned) Smut
Rating: R
Pairing: KyuMin

**When Kyuhyun Got Caught**

Sungmin, who just came from a schedule entered his room, he was very tired to the point that he didn't even want to go to shower anymore, he convinced himself that it wasn't that necessary and agreed to his battling thoughts that he'll just lay in his bed then sleep. He was expecting to find his roommate at his usual routine, playing games on his laptop. he would be so busy as to not even spare him a glance, smiling at the thought of not being disturbed by Kyuhyun's usual rantings he opened his bedroom door. 


As expected I found Kyuhyun immersed, as usual in front of the computer, the tall man looking down at his laptop from the corner of the room, totally oblivious to what's around him, but to my surprise, Kyuhyun looked up at me, his eyes were wide in surprise, exciting the browser with a quick typing of his hand. "H-Hyung?" he mouthed slightly stammering.

I eyed him suspiciously. One thing came across my mind right at that moment. Kyuhyun, is definitely doing something when before I came in, "Yah! what are you up to?" Sungmin ask moving closer to Kyuhyun who never looked away from him. "N-Nothing Hyung~" He smiled sheepishly.

Cho Kyuhyun + Stammering + Smiling Sheepishly + Calling me "Hyung" = CAUGHT IN THE ACT WATCHING PORN

I looked at him a grin spreading across my face..." Ooohhh... you naughty naughty~" and I saw red streaks spread across his face looking away. "W-what are you talking about?" he snapped at me totally embarrassed. Because his too cute I unconsciously pinched his cheeks and he cringe away like a little baby, making him a lot cuter than he is right now. "Let me see what you've been up to huh?" I teased him bending down to remove the laptop away from his protesting hands.

"Don't be embarassed Kyu~ I'm a man too I think I can handle this stuff..." I said pulling out of his hands the poor laptop. "N-No Hyung, you really don't understand..." I clucked my tongue and opened the recently closed tab. I picked the most recent one, the browser opened and it wasn't a video site, it's a fan fiction site. I smiled, so Kyuhyun was into this stuff?

I pushed Sungmin against the wall preventing him from moving any further than necessary, his flustered face was turning me on even more, "P-Please let me go~" he helplessly whispered contradicting the growing need of his own body. I leaned against his collar bone, pressing my erection against his, hearing him whimper in the process, tracing my tongue on that prominent skin and whispered... "I know you want it too Hyung~"


My mind is screaming of embarrassment, the feeling of heat crept up to my face as I stupidly continued reading.

"Ah~ Kyu~ harder, do me harder..." Sungmin groaned as I pumped against him, making sure that my hand was also paying attention to his own cock~

"Sungmin Hyung?" Kyuhyun knocked me off in my trance. I looked at him totally flustered. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU READING CHO KYUHYUN!!!" I shouted incoherently almost like an uncomprehending blabber

Kyuhyun rubbed his eyes with his palms, I can see the tinting of redness in his cheeks, to his ears and neck. "I told you Hyung~ don't read it." he muttered.

"Why are you reading something like this where in the world did you get the idea of reading this?" I flopped to my bed, knees growing weaker by another minute. I can't deny the fact that what I read turned me on in a very very very confusing way. It's true that I had some thoughts on crushing on Kyuhyun since the two of us were too close and I always pushed it aside as if it was an annoying fly,  but the idea on getting this far like what the fic said was totally out of the question. 

Kyuhyun, still red in the face slumped beside me. Giving me a respectable personal space. "A fan post the link on his/her twitter account mentioning me... I-I just happened to be curious, at first it wasn't at all like that...but then it proceeded to You-Know-What..." I gave Kyuhyun an apologetic look, he looked so embarrassed and ashamed that he kept on fiddling with the hem of his shirt, I was feeling a bit sorry too because I yelled at him when...

"Hyung~ are you disgusted?" I snapped looking at his face, almost choking on my own dried mouth. Gaping at him before taking a deep breath. "No... I-I'm not disgusted..." I said honestly.

"Then why are you still looking away from me?" Kyuhyun asked. Oh for the love of- does he really have to ask that. Biting my lips I looked at him avoiding the distracting part. "Uhm- Kyu~" I hate that when I spoke his name I breathed heavily and a sigh escaped my lips. "Y-you- You're hard already..." I mentally cursed myself for saying it like it tempted me (in which it actually did) actually I noticed the tent forming in his loose pants for quite some time now.. 

Kyuhyun, wide eyed took a pillow and hid it (to my disappointment). I was about to say that I don't mind but that'll sound weirder. My expression must've been amusing since a light chuckle escaped his lips.

"Hyung~ uhm... do you want to try?" He asked and I stared at him in disbelief. "What?" I asked my mind getting foggy. 

"I mean, can I try the kiss, well the author stated it well, I just wanted to try if you know..." Kyuhyun asked a little distracted but serious.

"A kiss?" I asked repeating the word. "What kiss?"

"Just a light peck Hyung~" Kyuhyun smirked, his greedy and curious side coming out, the embarrassment earlier was slowly slipping away and is transferring to me.

My mind getting all fuzzy with the warm feeling, Kyuhyun leaned closer, and to my surprise I didn't cringe away. "I asked permission huh..." Kyuhyun whispered an inch from my lips his breath tickling me in a very seductive way. I wet my lips with my tongue which is obviously a dead giveaway of my inner feelings since Kyuhyun's expression was smug. He moved in closer, his lips landing on mine.

It was almost blinding. Kyuhyun's soft lips is on mine, slightly dissappointed that he didn't deepen it. If we were trying this It might as well be enjoyable right? Thinking hard about the situation. I slightly tilted my head and open my mouth hesitantly. 

That did the trick.

Kyuhyun cupped my nape as he opened his mouth and ravished mine, trying to taste every inch of my lips with his tongue sticking out pressing against the opening of my mouth. The moment I opened my mouth again, his tongue gained dominance, licking the inside of my mouth with so much hunger. Leaning further as his fierceness push me lying on my bed.

Oh shit!

A soft growl from his throat sent vibrations towards me and a small whimper as a response on his intrusion escape. He slowly pulled away, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hyung~ the author sucks..." he muttered through his playful eyes.

"Huh why?" I answered trying to muster the energy I have left.

Kyuhyun leaned in close once more.

"Because kissing you are a hundred times enjoyable than what he/she describes..."

Unable to answer to what Kyuhyun is implying the stupid maknae placed a peck on the expose part of my neck before trailing it to my earlobe to whisper.

"So... should we try the other one?

Tags: #chr.kyuhyun, #chr.sungmin, *.type:one-shot, ^.pair:kyumin, livejournal, super junior
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