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Luck Stealer 01

Title: Luck Stealer
Rating: R (for violence, gore and possible sexual content)
Pairing: KyuMin, (other pairings to be revealed as the story proceeds)
Genre: AU!, Tragedy, Violence, Supernatural, Mystery, Action, Romance
Summary: Cho Kyuhyun, or  much famous for the name 'Devlon' is one of the most feared assassin, hired by the government to kill the most uncontrollable and notorious criminal with his cursed left hand. In the sins he committed he promised to protect only one person, his younger brother. But his life as a killer will soon make an unexpected turn when he was hired by the former president's only son Lee Sungmin, who also lived his life bathed in blood.
Disclaimer: The title and the starting plot came from the japanese manga Luck Stealer by Kazu Hajime

001: Steal the Luck Stealer

"there are reports of an accident that just occur at XXstreet at gangnam district, a man in his mid 30s was crushed to death by a billboard that accidentaly fell down on him. The police said that this man is the notorious robber they've been chasing as reported earlier, no one else got hurt from the accident...."

The assassin sheated once again his bare left hand with the leather glove he removed earlier, the killing intent from his eyes a few minutes ago slowly dissipated, he had just completed his fourth kill of the week Though he didnt kill directly, he just need to touch his prey and then death itself finishes the job.

They can call him in any names they want, an omen, a forsaken angel, the death itself, but only one name suited him best. "Devlon", the bringer of misfortune. Enclosed in that accursed left hand of his is the ability to take away all the luck of a person leading to their demise.

People dont survive because of their own choice, they needed a little bit of luck to.do.so. It prevents them from being run over by a vehicle while crossing the street, falling down on a deep ravine while walking, prevent someone from being shot by a bullet on a criminal-police shoot out or in this case being crushed by a billboard. No luck leads to death He was hired by the darkest nooks of the korean government to bring misfortune to the criminals that is out of their control. A death fit for the trashes of the society.


Combing back his matted brown hair from his.forehead, he flipped his phone open and placed it against his ears. "well done devlon, the contracted compensation are already placed on the.usuals..."

"hmm. Mission's are over for the week. No more for the next three days."

"I understand." The voice from the othr line responded and hunged up. Devlon take a last look on his cellphone then tossed it at the nearby dumpster. Walking towards the sea of people blending in.with.the crowd.


"boss, i tracked him. I know where he is."

"good. Keep me updated."


"dont loose him hyukjae."

"i understand."


Oh, you're here, Donghae will be very pleased. "Donghae-ah your brother is here " the old woman in charge of a small convenince store called out. A young frail looking man wearing an apron around his waist appeared from the stockroom. His sullen features brighten when he saw the visiting man in front of him. "hyung!." he squeeled running towards his older brother

"yah are you being nice to the old folks?." the older man asked petting his younger brother's hair. "yep been doing lots of things lately, how bout.you? Hows work?" The tall man returned his brothers question with a low smile.

"he's just fine Donghae-ah." another man appeared from the stock room carrying 3boxes of goods. "Leeteuk-hyung!" the visiting man bowed to the other who chuckled in reply. " you're on a break again i suppose, am i right? Cho Kyuhyun?" Leeteuk said placing the boxes behind the counter.

"yes- the usual break."

"well, better start working you brat... Theres lot of things to do." leeteuk scolded the man who just returned him with a smile.


The store chimes rang from the door signalling an incoming customer. "i'll get that." donghae sprint towards the door greeting the customer. "put this boxes in their respective shelves..." Leeteuk gave orders to the tall man named Cho Kyuhyun who laughed in reply. "yeah hyung... Where is the -"

"hyung! Someones looking for you." The two older man froze. Who the hell will look for him when he didnt even put this adress on...


"Donghae!" Kyuhyun shouted as the fragments of the shattered bulb light scattered right above his brothers head.

The customer who he had a vague view as a man wearing a black suit jumped towards donghae covering him from the debris. "are you alright?" the customer asked Donghae who nodded in reponse. "yeah thank you." "hae-" kyuhyun called followed by leeteuk, helping Donghae up. Kyuhyun turned towards the stranger giving him a stern look.

"Who are you?. What do you want from me?." he asked in an alarming tone. "hyung he just saved my life." donghae said snapping at kyuhyun who never listened to him "Leeteuk hyung please take donghae at the back." kyuhyun asked the older man who gladly followed his order and ushered donghae back to the storage room.

"why did you follow me here? " kyuhyun snapped to the man in suit.

"this is not the place to talk things regarding that matter. Dont you agree?" Kyuhyun growled but followed the other man outside the store. Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes for the man in suit was obviously not alone. There were three more his eyes haven't laid eyes on but he can sense it, Those other man are as dangerous as the one in front of him. They reach a deserted street and his uninvited guest turned to talk to him. "We're not here to cause trouble..." Kyuhyun smirked "so you figured i knew you're not alone?"

"of course easy as counting to ten..." the man in suit smiled confidently, making Kyuhyun surprise to.see a skilled man lower his guard. "you must be confident to lower your guard in front of me." The man smirked. "yeah I'm.pretty confident you wont lay a hand on me...Devlon..."

Kyuhyun glared at the man. "So what business do you have with me?"

"well our boss wanted to hire you." the stranger said and.with that Kyuhyun gave out an audible scoff. "i am not for hire by anyone else except the governmentt."

"well he is one of the government... Sort of..." the other man said and Kyuhyun laughed. "then he mustve known im not for private use, tell your boss Im not available, go find someone else." he replied then started to walk away.

A sharp almost inaudible.sound cut through the air. "bastard-" kyuhyun muttered holding on to a piece of card that grazed his cheeks.

"unfortunately my boss wont take no for.an answer..." the man smiled. "Think about it huh? Cho Kyuhyun-ssi?" The man started to walk away.

"why do you need me when you have people more than capable of doing the job." The man turned and face Kyuhyun. " oh you misunderstood, we're not hiring you for assassination." Kyuhyun's brows frowned. "what?"

"We'll leave the details for later for now we got to go." the man smiled once again. "oh and by the way how many of us do you think is here?" Kyuhyun scoffed. "4 including you." and by that 3 other man appeared before him 2 large man and another one who's smaller and looked more dangerous than the other two.

"dang! Your wrong?!" a voice came from behind him and he immediately felt cold when he turned and saw a smaller framed man by the same age as Donghae smiling behind him. Kyuhyun was astonished for the boy behind him was definitely undetected. This boy has no killing intent but the barrel of his rifle was aimed to his head.

"hmm no good... I cant see properly if I'm this close." the boy pouted and put down the rifle.

"wookie, let's go." the stranger who confronted kyuhyun said and the boy happily skipped towards him.

"See you later then... Devlon."

Kyuhyun gritted his teeth. These men were dangerous for him and his family. He flipped the card and read the content.

Lee Hyukjae 010-xxx-xxxx


"Ne Hyukkie, he's scary..." Hyukjae sighed.

"of course he is... That's why boss wants him."

"he didn't flinched when wookie's barrel were just inches from his face. i like him." Ryeowook giggled.

"who told you to do that?"

Ryeowook pouted. "jongwoon is a meanie... I'll tell you to the boss..."

"quiet you two!." one of the brawl guy scolded them. "so what's the plan now?."

Hyukjae sighed. " i know our boss, he wont stop until he gets what he wants... The problem was that Devlon guy, he's unpredictable.

"maybe we should take him by force?" the other brawl guy joked.

"that'll be suicide..." jongwoon whispered in disgust.

"only wookie can kill him, the four of us can't take him on..."

"that's new huh, jongwoon... Being a softie now?!"

"shut up kangin!" Jongwoon snapped. "we all know close combat wont stand a chance. And just in case you forget, that's the only thing you're good at."

Kangin growled under his breath muttering a string of curses.

"stop fighting will ya?!" the other brawl man suggested. "boss will slit your throat-"

The five fell quiet and the atmosphere became dead. "that's a sick joke Donghee" hyukjae muttered.

"sorry." the man lowered his head. "anyways, we need to go back now we left the boss to.the most unreliable two..."


Kyuhun sat next to his sleeping brother. Looking after him carefully. "what do they want?"

He turned around to see Leeteuk entered their room. Kyuhyun sighed. "they wanted to hire me." Leeteuk examined the assassin's expression. "so, are you going to cause someone's death again??" .

Kyuhyun looked at his hand. "no they didn't hire me for assassination this time." he clenched his fingers trying to swallow the lump that was threatening to choke him. "Well that's new. Are you going to take it?." Leeteuk asked scanning his every reaction but all he found was a deep nonchalant indifference. "I dont know their purpose, they are a bunch of assassins themselves, and i know that they are dangerous."

"Well that figures, I thought the man who came here has very quick reflexes for a normal human." Leeteuk said remembering the accident earlier that day. "Yeah, there were 5 of them." Kyuhyun gravely admitted the self humiliation he felt when he found out the undetected 5th assassin. "What?! I sensed only 4." Leeteuk exclaimed. "The last one has no killing intent." Kyuhyun grumbled looking at Leeteuk who probably thought the same thing. The only type of assassins that can hide undetected without killing intent.


They both breathed out heavily. "This is bad news Kyu." Leeteuk scratched the back of his head "There are enough people using my abilities I dont need another."Kyuhyun replied through gritted teeth. "How long are you gonna do this huh?! Donghae is fully aware of his condition, its just a matter of time before he figure out what a you are doing... He wont like it Kyu." Leeteuk snapped at him, the older man wore a serious expression of detest.

Kyuhyun looked away."I'm doing it for him." he growled. "Isn't that enough reason already." Kyuhyun removed the glove restricting his right hand. "as long as no one knows the other half of the curse..." he mouthed placing a caring touch against his brother's forehead.


"Are you going now, when will you come back?."

Kyuhyun sighed it wasnt the first time his brother asked that question. It had been the same one over and over again, but Kyuhyun cant blame him, its not like he can answer that question without carefully calculating things, now that some group of assassins knew where he was hiding when he's not on a task of killing someone, he have to double the effort of protecting his brother and those people uninvolved to his dirty world.

"hae~ i think i wont come back home for the meantime..." he said feeling the scrutinizing gaze of Leeteuk from the back of the counter. "I'm going on a quite long trip I wont be back for a little while." Donghae pouted and his face fell. "Is that so..." he sighed. "hyung~ is my condition really that bad?."

Kyuhyun was taken by surprise by donghae's sudden question. Pursing his lips trying to find the right words to explain to his brother before actually replying to him. "You make it sound like you have contagious disease." Kyuhyun chuckled but his brother remained with a grim expression. "Don't worry about it Hae~ just help the folks here okay... I'll be back in no time." Kyuhyun reassured his brother who return his soft words with a smile.

"Promise me you'll take home a pet fish, okay?!" Kyuhyun laughed.

"yeah yeah, i promise."



The voice from the other side of the line called him. He just bought a new cellphone and contacted the line he memorized for the client he called at the time he usually calls and receive the order and the information. The things with the assassins bothering him he almost didn't catch up the first sentences.

"Devlon, I'll drop off the profile at the usual." Devlon knotted his brow. "Yes." he replied and turned the cellphone off. He walked through the busy street and down to a dark alley where there were moth eaten apartments lined and the poor side of the society were staying. Rounding up another alley he came accross another rusty fire exit. He was so used to this set up that his body memorized the streets without even thinking. He would only have to take another left turn to reach the dropping point of his assignment when he stopped.

"You could at least give me a proper greeting." he muttered under his breath.

"You must be too preoccupied..." Lee Hyukjae, the one who confronted him 3 days ago walked out from the shadows of the side of the alley wearing a suit. "Your standing don't go with this place..." Devlon chuckled grimmly. Hyukjae scoffed in reply. "Oh believe me, only my suit doesn't match the scenery here, without it I'll blend in pretty well."

They both paused in silence as Devlon begun calculating his surroundings, if there were any signs that the assassin in front of him is not alone, feeling a bit nervous about that sniper. Watching him make an uncomfortable face Hyukjae can't help but laugh. "I didn't bring them..." he voiced out. "...they were a pain in the ass."

"Confident again?" Devlon spoke slightly loosening up, for what the other man was saying is true. "So what brings you here?"

Hyukjae smiled. "My boss wants to see you." he said bluntly and Devlon's expression became serious once more. "On what grounds? I'm still not considering his offer ". "We knew, he just wanted to see you, and believe me he's very stubborn." Hyukjae said studying Devlon's expression. "So I can't say 'No'?

"Yes." Hyukjae smiled. "Shall we?" the man gestured towards the opposite direction from where they were standing. Devlon scratched the back of his beautiful brown locks, sighed then started to walk towards the said direction.

"This boss of yours, tell me more about him." Devlon muttered as soon as he and Hyukjae entered the latter's car. The engine hummed to life as they pulled out of the park and into the road. "My boss?" Hyukjae finally answered sparing Devlon an unknowing smile. " He's hard to describe in words..." Devlon chuckled. "Is he a fat senator or a bloated judge." Hhyukjae laughed at Devlon's assumptions.

"If you have actually met him and insulted him like that, I would've killed you by now." Hyukjae chuckled and Devlon tensed up again, making it unnoticed. "but... you didn't meet him yet so you're excused." The former added.

There was a lengthy paused before Devlon asked again. "How would you describe him then?" Hyukjae glanced at him then looked back at the road to turn the steering wheel to the right  for a curve, before going back to the conversation. "well, let me see." Hyukjae paused once more, rummaging his thoughts. "hmm... beautiful." he mouthed.Devlon tried to stiffle a snort of laughter deciding that it's best to keep quiet.

It took a 30 minute drive outside the city before they reached a hill. Devlon decided to ask a question on how long will it take for them to reach the place but his question was right away answered when they pulled over and Hyukjae talked to someone on the phone. It seems like Hyukjae was telling someone 'to stop being a diva and just open the gate' followed by 'you selfish son-of-a-bitch' before he hunged up and the gate for the road up the hill opened.

Devlon remembered reaching for his phone but there were no signal. Hyukjae said to him that when they reached the parameter of the hill, communication devices owned by the guests are put of to no use. Meaning even satellites can't track it.

They followed a cleared path up the hill and then another gate was already opened. Devlon looked around, there was this beautiful, cultivated garden as a front yard and the path way was neatly bricked. The mansion was made with gray bricks for the 1st floor and a wide glass window for the 2nd story. Hyukjae made another right turn and then the garage opened.

Devlon unconciously whistled. Laid inside the garage were 5 sleek black Lamborgini of different models, 2 dark blue Land Rover Vans and a monster truck, 2 dark purple Volvo and a Hot Pink Ferrari, in additional with the red BMW they were currently riding, all in all there were 12 cars.

"Rich Bastard." Devlon smirked as Hyukjae parked to the empty slot. "I'd appreciate it if you don't call my boss like that." Hyukjae smiled. "and just for you to know, our Boss worked hard to gain all these."

"Yeah, worked hard on the black market" Devlon muttered to himself as he led himself out of the car. He followed Hyukjae to the front door as they climb up a few flights of marble stairs towards the mansion doors.

The insides are just as great. The wooden floor that shines almost reflect their figures like a mirror, the staircase that leads to the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the main entrance of.the house, sleek mahogany tables on.the sides a room to the left and the corridor up ahead that leads to the kitchen as Devlon guessed. "Yah I won you sucker!!" A loud voice echoed to the hallway followed by aloud booming of the sound system. Hyukjae looked apologetically at Devlon who could only snickered on the sides. "Welcome." Hyukjae muttered.

A boy, who Devlon recognize as the sniper emerged from the other side, hidden behind the stairs wearing.a plain shirt and baggy pants with apron around him carrying a tray of muffins. He's munching when his eyes widen as he saw Hyukjae and Devlon.

"oops... YAH HYUKKIE HYUNG IS BACK WITH THE ASSASSIN." the young man shouted and it became quiet. As if on cue 4 men appeared all carrying guns pointed at him. One from the balcony whom he didn't recognize, three from the room where the previous yelling came from, they were the ones he already met. The air became tense again. Devlon were muttering curses, blaming himself for consenting to go inside a den of assassins. No one made a move.

"Hannie whats-" another man came wearing thick eye glasses with slight long hair emerged from the room at the right hallway above the stairs. "oh you guys are such a brute..." the man who recently came sighed.

"What a rude way to welcome a guest..." A soft half-awake voice echoed through the silence. Devlon looked up.

"Boss... I brought him..." Hyukjae spoked.

All the guns pointing at him lowered but Devlon's eyes are not going anywhere.

He now, understand what Hyukjae said earlier about his boss being hard to describe... "Beautiful..." Devlon muttered under his breath as he stared at the person looking at him from the balcony.

"Devlon, this is Lee Sungmin, the former president Lee's only son."

"Hi!" Lee Sungmin smiled. "Nice to finally meet you."

To Be Continued

~A/N: I have an ANNOUNCEMENT regarding my post and my nearing hiatus. Please check it out if you have time.
:This fic is Unbetaed.
:Sorry for the play of characters ^_^
:Have a Happy Holidays!

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