November 2nd, 2012


~Be My Chingu :))


~Seira here! ^^ So as promise, here's the rules to be my chingu and to join me fangirling :))

I don't require much just basics so here it is:
          ->Name or the name you want me to call you.
          ->Age and Where are you from:
          ->Tell me something about yourself.
          ->Your fandom(s) and bias
          ->Your OTP
          ->Why you love them.

It's simple right?! for example:
          ->Seira/ Hye Rim
          ->I'm 20 from Philippines
          ->I'm fun, I'm friendly, I'm hardworking and I'm a die hard fan girl >///<
          ->My fandom is SUPER JUNIOR
          ->OTP are KyuMin :))
          ->I love them because they're so cuddly and adorable, and they were REAL....

Answer this as a comment.:))

So I hope you don't find it hard to follow, I really want to be your friend and I don't bash~ promise. I respect all fandom don't worry as long as you respect mine.

all hearts,

Me + You, Multiplied by Love, Divided by Craziness (24)

Summary: Sungmin just entered a prestige dorm school, not knowing how and why did he entered it but his parents seemed to happy for him to refuse the offer. Apparently on his first day, he was assigned to be seated on a spot wherein his seatmates are nowhere to be found until they arrived and someone nick named "Prince" of the school told him that he's 'Plain' For some reason he hated the guy right there and then. But things turned out unplanned when the particular guy he hated is the same guy he lives with."What if the common denominator between you and the person you hate is Love?"
Genre: Smut, Romance,

Pairing: Kyumin, Yewook, Eunhae

(V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)     (V)

Ch.24: The Regret

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