February 22nd, 2013



Dear my friends and community members.

Recently, I've been receiving many request for friends and for membership without following my simple rules.It's easy guys, just fill in what I ask, It's not that hard. I always let it pass for the past months and eventhough there are no introductions, I still accept/add those people, I want to be friends with everyone, and I want everyone to enjoy my fics that's why I limit my post up to 2 weeks before I lock it, I'm not up to forcing everyone to be my friend and add me if they don't want to, but I put those rules for a reason, please do follow. It's unfair to those who took the time and heed to what I ask.

Chill, I'm not angry, but please do follow.

If you're already done with the introductions or you're already my friend on my personal journal, you can just join the community, or if you've done so in the community and wants to be my personal friend then just hit the 'add as a friend' button. Only one introduction is needed.

If everything's still blurry, please read this Rules and for the membership format please click here.

This'll be the last time I will add those who don't follow the rules, thank you and have a nice day :))