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Girl meets Love

hi! Bomchii here! I'm promoting my new fanfic "Girl Meets Love" I'll release it with my Kyumin fanfic since this fanfic is normal pairing, though unusual partners. I tried to match up Leeteuk the 'Hyung' of Super Junior and Seohyun the 'maknae' of SNSD. Well I know there are some who don't want this pairing, but I think I can give life to their story. It's a mini-series at most contains only a maximum of 5 parts so I hope you try to read it and as much as possible enjoy it.

Summary: Leeteuk is a delivery boy / waiter of a coffee shop, this is where he meets Seohyun, a high school girl who always look blankly out of the coffee shop's window. He's puzzled as to why she have that expression. Until one day their paths meet unexpectedly. Little by little he discovers the reasons behind an innocent girl's frowns, he begun to develop a feeling of wanting to protect her that eventually turned to a feeling he never expected to come.

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Angst

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'I saw her again today'
Leeteuk sighed looking at the last seat next to the window at the right side of Coffee and Cakes Shop.This is where he work for 3 years already. The manager ahjumma is kind to let him enter and work there even if he didn't finish his schooling. His parents died and his 5 brothers are sent to different relatives. He, being the eldest tried to take them back but he can't. He  didn't want them to end up like him, so he chose to live alone and work for his brothers until the time he had enough money to send them all to school.

He shoved the book he's reading under the counter. In his free time on the shop he reads so that even if he never did go to school, he won't become illiterate. He looked at the girl staring blankly out of the window. He never really talked to her even if it's almost a year since he saw her. She orders coffee and cakes and eat it alone, sometimes while studying and often times just looking out of the window. She's pretty, but she's lonely. Leeteuk never did try to talk to her, he thought that she might be angry or she might thought that he's a stalker. He tries to get out of troubles' way if possible.

"Hyung.. you're staring at her..."

"what?" Leeteuk laughed at Heechul who tapped him with a mug.

"You're staring at her again, not that I care but you looked like a pervert." he whispered sarcastically.

"I'm not staring, I'm wondering..." Leeteuk said putting on an apron, another customer came in and he need to take their orders.

"Well, it's up to you." Heechul shrugged his shoulders and smiling at the swooning girls paying at the counter.

Leeteuk walked out of the counter towards the middle of the coffee shop taking the order of three girls with the same uniform as the girl staring out of the window.

When he arrived to take their orders he overheard some of the parts of the girls' conversation.

"She really have some guts, she showed off again, who the hell can perfect all the exams!" one of the girls spat angrily looking at the girl staring at the window.

They're probably talking about her, but why are they bad mouthing her?

The girl by the window looked at their direction and the three girls looked away immediately.

She looked accidentally straight into Leeteuk's eyes and Leeteuk gasp but, he's unable to look away.

Her mouth formed a small smile, she bowed slightly and stood up and walked towards the exit.

"Thank you mam, come again!" he heard Heechul greeted her.

"Oppa, you're taking our order right?" one of the girls talk to Leeteuk tugging his sleeve snapping him out of his trance.

"Oh of course." He smiled at them and the girls sighed in response before stating their order.

His curiosity about that girl increased. He knew that she heard what those girls say about her and she also know that he had heard them yet she smiled weakly then left. "Leeteuk, don't stare into space again, we have a delivery..." I heard the manager ahjumma called out from the counter. He's just in the middle of slacking off against the coffee bean bags reading some books but not actually reading it, he's staring at it.

"Ah... I'm sorry." he stood up stretched his arms and removed his apron. The manager ahjumma greeted him with a smile while preparing 5 large cups of coffee. he picked up the bicycle's key from under the counter and started fixing his hair placing a baseball cap in his head. He looked at the mirror, pleased with how he looked, he smiled then walk towards the manager.

"What delivery?" he smiled.

"Delivery for an office meeting, you know the shopping center 2 blocks from here?" the manager asked him now placing the coffees inside a sealed container.

He remembered that huge shopping mall, always full of rich people.

"Ah that one... but it's really big right... how am I supposed to know where I will deliver this?"

"Well there are guards, you could go ask them..." Heechul suggested making that mocking face at him.

"Yeah and how will the guards know who deliver this?" Leeteuk replied laughing at him shoving the coffees .

"The owner asked for it, apparently someone from their company likes our coffees so, it's a good thing right?"

"Woah... that's great then, our business is growing!" Leeteuk exclaimed tapping the manager ahjumma's shoulder softly then he waved goodbye before finally riding his bicycle towards the location.

Humming to himself he's almost at the mall's entrance but a car pulled over infront of him. It was almost brand new, and it's flawless, definitely a car for rich people he shrugged his shoulders daydreaming about how his brothers would react if he became that rich and he will be able to be with them. He saw a woman getting off from the car, she had long hair and she wore what supposed to be a formal office attire, she held her phone but then another man came rushing towards her, snatching her bag and phone and almost knocking her off. That man is a thief. Leeteuk, realizing the situation chased the man while still riding the bicycle, he reached him just in time to knock him down. Attempting to stand up again after I knocked him down, I stupidly poured the hot coffees.

The guards of the shopping center came on time. They held the man in arrest as Leeteuk retrieve the belongings of the girl.

"Thank you so much."

A sweet voice spoke behind him. He smiled at her about to say that it's no problem but then my jaw almost drop.

The girl Leeteuk saw is the same girl sitting at the end of the coffee shop staring at the window.

She looked so pretty up close and He's sure she's a high school student and it's still evident on her face but she's wearing an office attire.

Her eyes widened a bit, recognizing Leeteuk but she remain in composure.

"Thank you." she bowed again then smile, a different smile to what she showed him the other day.

"Ah-Uhm... no problem?" Leeteuk said quite awkwardly, not sure what to say.

He stared stupidly until he saw a frown on her face.

She looked at other direction and he also looked at the direction she's looking at.

"Oh shit." he cursed loudly, all the coffees about to be delivered went to waste.

"I'm sorry..." she murmured.

"oh no it's okay..." Leeteuk lied not knowing what to do now, he can't possibly go back, the time the coffees must be delivered in about 10 mins from now.

"I'll buy you a new set of coffee it's for the meeting right?"

She said. "Come follow me."

Leeteuk entered the mall and follow this girl to one of the expensive coffee shop there. The coffee's price are really and as much as he regret to think about it, the coffees there are on different class, that he's left wondering. why did this girl go to their shop for coffees when obviously she can afford these?

She paid for the coffees ordered, he tried to reason with her but she insisted on paying for it since it's her fault. Observing her, Leeteuk can't help but think that this girl could smile yet she smiled sadly. He really didn't see her smile happily making him feel a little bit guilty.

They reach an isolated spot on the mall that leads to another office where the woman in the front desk bowed to her.

"Good afternoon mam." the secretary greeted, she looked at me curiously, maybe wondering why he was with this girl.

"Good afternoon, the meeting's not yet started right?" she asked sweetly.

"Not yet." the secretary said.

The girl turned towards leeteuk.

"thank you for saving me. It's rude but I didn't introduce myself yet..." she said bowing to me, leeteuk smiled awkwardly.

"Ah it's no problem..."

She sighed.

"I'm Park Jungsoo... Leeteuk is my nickname..." Leeteuk smiled introducing his self first.

"I'm Seo Joo Hyun... Seohyun..." she replied.

"you're from the coffee shop right? It's nice to meet you..."

Leeteuk actually thought she didn't recognize him, yet this time she recognize and acknowledge knowing him.

"yeah... I kinda saw you there..." leeteuk said.

"i'm sorry for dropping formalities..." she said again with an apologetic look. "I'm 19 and I acted like that. I'm really sorry..." she said bowing again.

Leeteuk felt flustered the secretary is eyeing him angrily as if he's doing a grave sin.

"Ah no don't do it." leeteuk said quite embarassed.

Seohyun look up at him.


2 girls emerged from the door next to the secretary and the hugged Seohyun in unison.They're both dressed in formal attire

"Baby... you're here, it's been a week since I saw you." the one with the long hair cried as the secretary took the coffee from Seohyun's hand.

"Yeah I missed you, we have so many presents from Paris..." the small one with the blonde short hair said.

Seohyun smiled widely.

"The meeting is starting... stop acting like that."

The voice came from another girl, the one who looked so beautiful yet very strict.

Seohyun bowed to her.

"Taeyeon-Unnie... it's nice to have you back." Seohyun said.

Leeteuk hoped that she remained invisible until this whole thing is over. He really feel awkward now but Taeyeon still noticed him.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"he's about to deliver coffee but he saved me and accidentally threw all the coffee, it was my fault." Seohyun intervened before he could speak.

Taeyeon eyed him then bowed, followed by the two other girls who hugged her.

"Thank you." She said, still with no reaction. "And Seohyun, next time do be careful, don't cause trouble to other people." she said before entering the room again.

The two other girls each said thank yous to Leeteuk and the followed Taeyeon inside.

Seohyun faced Leeteuk and smiled, but Leeteuk can't help but look at her with worry.

"They're my sisters." she said. "I don't mean to be rude but I think you should leave now."

Leeteuk snap out from his trance.

"oh okay." he smiled.

He put on his baseball cap that he removed before entering the shopping center. He smiled goodbye to Seohyun and she smiled back.

Laughing to himself he readied to ride off his bike again to return to the Coffee Shop. He never thought that the girl he just stared at is someone he'll be able to meet, yet little did he know that the little sister he thought he can have will appeal to him more than what he bargained for.

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