Dead Romance

SUMMARY: Even if the flesh rots, the feelings are still true...
GENRE: Supernatural / Romance
TYPE:  Drabble/ One-shot
DISCLAIMER: With the mighty help of shichi04

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*In the Club*

SUMMARY: The class president is a cock blocker, and all of us didn't invite him, and then someone appeared miraculously driving everyone insane. Then I, Cho Kyuhyun was the only one who had the chance to touch him.
TYPE: One-Shot/ Drabble
WARNING: Curses, NC-17 from the first to the last part.

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Girl meets Love

hi! Bomchii here! I'm promoting my new fanfic "Girl Meets Love" I'll release it with my Kyumin fanfic since this fanfic is normal pairing, though unusual partners. I tried to match up Leeteuk the 'Hyung' of Super Junior and Seohyun the 'maknae' of SNSD. Well I know there are some who don't want this pairing, but I think I can give life to their story. It's a mini-series at most contains only a maximum of 5 parts so I hope you try to read it and as much as possible enjoy it.

Summary: Leeteuk is a delivery boy / waiter of a coffee shop, this is where he meets Seohyun, a high school girl who always look blankly out of the coffee shop's window. He's puzzled as to why she have that expression. Until one day their paths meet unexpectedly. Little by little he discovers the reasons behind an innocent girl's frowns, he begun to develop a feeling of wanting to protect her that eventually turned to a feeling he never expected to come.

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Angst

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Welcome to my closet~ well I think i should introduce myself first.

*The name's Seira. You can call me Unnie~ if you're younger than me, well if you're a girl that is or Noona~ if you're a boy, younger than me. You can also call me Hye Rim since it's my korean name, either way I'm fine.
*I'm currently 20 years old (since age, keeps adding up) and from the Philippines.
*My fandom is SUPER JUNIOR, in short I'm an ELF, and I'm definitely IN LOVE with Lee Sungmin.
*My SHIPPING HEART sails to the sea of KYUMIN, they're my adorable OTP.. Though, I don't mind sailing to EunHae and YeWook. But let me warn you~ I'm DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT KYUMIN.  No one touches Min~ except Kyu.
*I wrote fics mostly KyuMin, but I can write EunHae or YeWook too, but mostly side pairings ^_^.
*My fics (especially the Chaptered ones) mostly have tragic genres, I love complex plots, so if you wanted all fluffiness and mushy ones, I don't recommend my chaptered, you can check out my one-shots if you like.
*I wrote smut~ I'm guiltily hooked with them and I don't know if I suck or if I'm good with them, I just want it HOT~ my shipping le feels are the ones to be blamed.
*I'll be locking up my fics for friends 5 days after posting so please keep in touch. If you wanted to be my chingu here's the link for the rules: ~Be My Chingu :))
*Other rules are on the *Handle with Care* (below this page) So I hope you'll have a great time rummaging on my closet ^^

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  "What if the common denominator between you and the person you hate is LOVE?"
SUMMARY: Sungmin just entered a prestige dorm school, not knowing how and why did he entered it but his parents seemed to happy for him to refuse the offer. Apparently on his first day, he was assigned to be seated on a spot wherein his seatmates are nowhere to be found until they arrived and someone nick named "Prince" of the school told him that he's 'Plain' For some reason he hated the guy right there and then. But things turned out unplanned when the particular guy he hated is the same guy he lives with.
GENRE: AU! Romance, NC-17, Fluff
PAIRING: Kyumin, Yewook, Eunhae
STATUS: Completed  

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  "The love I lost Is all the love I have for a lifetime? Is it possible for my heart to have a second life?"
SUMMARY: Cho Kyuhyun can never and will never move on. It's been years and still the memories are fresh in his mind. Why can he remember what the time made the others forget? Maybe it's the price, the one who killed the person who loves him so much has to pay...
GENRE: AU! Romance, Drama, Tragedy

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  "I don't care how many bodies pile up beneath you. As long as you'll never leave my side"
SUMMARY:  Cho Kyuhyun, or much famous for the name "Devlon" is one of the most feared assassin, hired by the government to kill the most uncontrollable and notorious criminals with his cursed left hand, In the sins he committed he promised to protect only one person, his younger brother. But his life as a killer will soon make an unexpected turn when he was hired by  the former president's only son. Lee Sungmin who also lived a life bathed in blood.
GENRE: AU! Tragedy, Dark, Angst, Romance
PAIRING:  Kyumin (other pairings implied as story proceeds)
STATUS: Coming Soon


"It's a grave mistake to love you ; It's a grave mistake to leave you."
SUMMARY: Ver.A. Sungmin fell in love with Cho Kyuhyun by just a kiss. The moment that started his suffering.
                     Ver.B. Kyuhyun thought that he have the greatest friend in this whole wide world. Wanting to protect their
                          friendship that leads to a terrible mistake.

GENRE: AU! Angst, Romance, Cheating, 
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"I may be violating every rule there is, but please, just this once, let me claim him as my own."
SUMMARY: Kyuhyun hated how his life is a clockwork, the boring days have passed on him and he was closer to feeling that living wasn't such a great idea after all when he had an encounter with an unknown object falling from the sky. 
DISCLAIMER: The idea came from SM. THE BALLAD's song MISS YOU.
GENRE: AU! Romance, Fluff, Drama
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"I actually don't do this to someone I don't seriously like..."
SUMMARY:  The class president is a cock blocker, and all of us didn't invite him, and then someone appeared miraculously driving everyone insane. Then I, Cho Kyuhyun was the only one who knows who he really is.
GENRE: Romance, NC-17, Drabble,
WARNING:  Undecided number of Chapters,Curses,

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"It's sooo addicting..."
SUMMARY: It's a cold windy day for Kyuhyun and accidentaly he forgot his oh-so-sweet trusty lipgloss. Asking Sungmin if he brought one may turn out to be a good idea.               
GENRE: Fluff
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"...Are you missing me already?"
SUMMARY: Sungmin is left alone in the dorms for their long weekends. Feeling left out and hating -slash- missing a certain roommate. 
GENRE: Fluff
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"I actually don't do this to someone I don't seriously like..."
SUMMARY:  The class president is a cock blocker, and all of us didn't invite him, and then someone appeared miraculously driving everyone insane. Then I, Cho Kyuhyun was the only one who had the chance to touch him.
GENRE: Romance, NC-17, Drabble
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"Can you go out with me... just for a day?"
SUMMARY:  Can you really feel even if the flesh rots?
GENRE: Romance, Drabble, Supernatural
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"Do you believe in fate? or do you believe in love? Sometimes I do... Sometimes I don't..."
SUMMARY:  Can you find someone, fall in love, and get hurt in only 60 seconds?
GENRE: Romance, Drabble
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"Cho Kyuhyun! Why the FUCk are you reading this?!"
SUMMARY:  Lee Sungmin, just came in from a busy schedule expecting Kyuhyun to be immersed in playing his usual games when he opened their shared room's door and found him looking up like a deer in the headlights.
GENRE: Romance, Drabble, 
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